The Old 195 Barn

This old barn, once The Red Lion Forge, is slowly being renovated and restored. For now, it's interesting, quirky, and full of vintage and antique treasures.

Our collection of architectural salvage, projects, pieces and outdoor stuff are all here and waiting. The barn is full of treasures for this sale. 

Whether you are looking for the perfect piece for your home, store, outdoor space, or need things to bring your Pinterest project to life, we're got what you need in The Old 195 Barn!

The Old 195 Barn sales are twice a year with pop ups and spontaneous events whenever we have cool stuff ready to go. So watch for news here and on our social media.  Read our reviews - these sales are huge. 

To see previews of what's in the barn follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

 Bring cash. Buy big. Dealers and designers welcome.

(No bathrooms on site. Please plan ahead.)