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Mehndi Border Stick & Style Reusable Adhesive Stencil for crafts

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I never liked using stencils until now. They always moved, left a smudge and generally ruined everything I did but with these Stick & Style Stencils, I am doing beautiful projects!

They are repositionable and easy to line up and reuse multiple times. You get professional results! Stick & Style stencils adhere to the surface preventing the leaking under the stencil and making it easy to use regardless of your skill level.

Simply cut a strip to the length you need, use multiple times, then discard for easy cleaning. Use with wax, paint, chalk paste, icing paste. Once done, Stick & Style can be re-used or simply trim the used area off and begin with a fresh stencil!

Each roll pattern measures 7 inches and 9 feet in length. Simply cut what you need.