Thinking Outside the Box: When there's no top drawer....

I didn't take a before picture of this dresser because it was really aweful and I didn't really believe it would turn out that good. Steve thought I should simply toss it but that just made me more resolved to figure something out. The old mess was missing the top drawer which was too narrow to use for baskets or other conventional fixes, the old paint was ugly - not chippy or cool in anyway.  

I wandered around the barn and found a piece of old crown moulding tin. It was a bit rusty already so I dry brushed a bit of black to bring out the details in the metal and used Dixie Belle Patinas to really pop some beautiful rusts, greens, blues.  The tin barely fit to  cover the space from the missing drawer.Dixie Belle Muscadine

We painted the body with Dixie Belle Muscadine, a deep wine, and the drawers with Dixie Bell Coffee Bean.  The top was originally white and we simply stained over it with Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain in Colonial Black. You can see the black edges and details.  As we painted we let the old paint influence and enhance our work so that the dresser still showed age. We love it when our old pieces are fresh but still authentic.

In the end, we were surprised by the results. The dresser is really unique and interesting reminding us that