Before and After

On a recent barn pick near Lampassas, Texas, we had to climb into the top loft of the barn to find the best of the hidden treasures. That required slinking through a hole cut in the floor and using part of a metal fence as a ladder. Once there, everything had to be hoisted down with rope or carried down the ladder that we eventually found.  

                                 It was an adventure I wont forget. 

This abused little table was up in that loft. She had good bones and her top was nearby under a box of 1920's bottles. She took a bit of cleaning but Dixie Belle White Lightening worked magic!  I used a little bit of DIxie Belle Tea Rose chalk paint on the front details and the top, then added  a Prima Re-Design transfer.


I love the simplicity of this piece. Sometimes, it takes very little update a project and make it beautiful and fresh