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French Laurels Clearly Aligned Decor Stamp from Redesign with Prima

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  • Dixie Belle Paint

12"x 12" total size
Bees are hot this year and garland always has a place in our creative arsenal. What a collection! There are so many ways to use this simple, elegant design.

* Easy Peel off stamps to prevent stretching and to protect the stamp integrity

* Design printed tops to clearly see the pattern on your stamp before inking and to make placement easier!

* Easy to line up designs. These perfect repeat stamp designs are easy to create on furniture, walls, cabinets, and small decor pieces or anything else you can dream up - including mixed media and baking!

* FDA FOOD SAFE so you can use in the kitchen too! Re-Imagine cakes , Cookies and more!
* High Quality Acrylic assuring longer life of these stamps.