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Nautical Collection Silk Screened Stencils, 3 sheets of designs with applicator by Dixie Belle Paint with free shipping

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The new stencils from Dixie Belle are going to be a huge favorite and great addition to your creative tool box. Im all in on stencils and these designs captivated me.

Different from any on the market, these are all patterns and elements that can be used as backgrounds to other mediums or as stand out features in your home decor and decorating. Each collection include 3 sheets (8"x9") and each sheet has multiple stencil designs. Thats great value.

The collection includes an applicator tool also. Silk screen stencils can be reused up to 10 times if you take care of them. 

They're great with paints, but work best with thicker Chalk Pastes. DIxie Belle Gemstone Mousse is amazing with stencils. Set sail for artistic success and do not abandon ship! Using the Nautical Silkscreen Stencil and its 3 designs you're bound to create something that would save you from walking the plank. Each silkscreen stencil measures 8 inches wide 10 inches high.

*This silkscreen stencil collection comes complete with a squeegee hand applicator.