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ClingOn B10 Block Brush Paint Brush with Free Shipping

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  • Dixie Belle Paint

This brush is a workhorse! You are going to love it for bigger projects. Its easy on the hands!

ClingOn Brushes are considered among the best in the market. Made in Holland, these brushes are not only beautiful to look at but amazing to paint with. You instantly feel the quality of brush in your hand and you see the difference in your project. Cling On Brushes are known for Premium synthetic filaments, beech wood painted handle, fully locked in epoxy cement to eliminate shedding, and their stainless steel ferrule.

B10 block brush idea for stain, color washes, wall paint, and faux finishes and well as painting large projects. Brush Tips

* Let your bristles absorb water prior to use. Lightly wring out or spin brush handle between hands to remove excess water prior to use.

* Store your ClingOn in water when not in use. A little water in the bottom of a mason jar will provide an excellent home for your brush and make cleanup a breeze.

* Dip the tips of bristles in a little water while painting if the paint seems to be drying on the bristles. Chalk paints, especially Dixie Belle, respond well to a fine mist of water.