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T14 Greek Scroll Trim from EFEX with Free Shipping. Made in the USA

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You dont need a heating gun or hair dryer. You don't need to struggle to bend them and they wont break if you do it wrong! These moldings and trims are the easiest to use on the market. We love the quality and easy application! Our Efex are the only truly bendable trims on the market so they wrap around tables and corners like no other product available today. AND THEY ARE MADE IN THE USA!

Our trim is versatile and flexible to work on almost every project you can think of. It’s great for kitchen cabinets, mirrors, frames and edging on furniture. We even use it to decorate our frames and craft projects. Hand-made in Maine from historically accurate designs, no other moldings on the market are as price competitive for the detail they add. These beautiful embellishments are lightweight for quick and easy instillation with cement glue. Ready for paint and faux finishing.

The ultimate creative embellishment for your home or furniture restoration!

Height 4.7" Length 25.5"

Furniture trim,

Antique trim,


Woodubend molding,

Wood bead trim ,

 Bead trim,

Woodubend trim ,

Moldable trim,

Decorative molding,


Wood applique

Wooden moulding

Affix with Cement Glue.