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The Essential Dixie Belle Chalk Paint Starter kit with Free Shipping

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We've created this ESSENTIAL Painters Bundles to help you get the stuff you need with one click! Just add paint! Price Includes Shipping!

This is a great gift for the creative, painter, or crafter in your life! This is the add to your paint order so you have the essential tools you need!

This bundle includes: * A Continuous Spray bottle (which is really helpful with Dixie Belle paint , helping it self level, spread easily, and go alot faster. Its also awesome on your face on a hot day when you're painting outside. We genuinely love this spray bottle!) Feels great on your face when painting outside too! We are currently shipping with an awesome new all white bottle that is 10 oz. YAY!

* One Sanding Sponge 220 grit . This is good for smoothing surfaces and for finishing when you want to create a shabby, aged look on your pieces. We love how this fits and feels in the hand.

* One Premium 2" Chip Brush This is a great all around brush. Take care of it and it will last for several projects! To clean, soak it in some white lightening. Its great for everything.

* One 8 oz jar of White Lightening powder for cleaning and prepping your piece before painting. This stuff is so good we use it for cleaning in our home also. Its an excellent yet economical heavy duty cleaner. Add only 2 tbsp to a gallon of water.

We hope you will choose our shop for your Dixie Belle Paints and Prima Re-design transfers too!