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Stencil Butter Collection, Mardi Gras Pack, The Crafters Workshop Paste and paint with free shipping

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This is the coolest paste/paint in my collection! The colors are bright, blend and mix for a full spectrum , and dry quick. They are so easy to paint with and a dream in your stencil work. They are great in silk screen stencil and mylar. This paint has shimmer, spreads easily with a palette knife, and has the body of a soft modeling paste that holds its peaks and valleys for texture and interest. You will also find it cleans easily with water.

Stencil Butter 4Pack – Mardi Gras Contains:
Fuchsia Stencil Butter 2oz.
Orchid Stencil Butter 2oz.
Gamboge Stencil Butter 2oz.
Marigold Stencil Butter 2oz.

And the best part is that TCW Stencil Butters coordinate beautifully with our ColorSparx® Powders. You can even mix the dry powder into the Stencil Butter to create additional unique color tones.

Available in easy to use 2 ounce jars. Dries in 15-30 minutes depending on how thickly applied.

Great for use on Furniture, Watercolor Paper, Mixed Media Boards, Canvas, Wood and more. Should be used on porous surfaces that aren’t exposed to moisture.