Where did you get that?

The Kentucky Barn

Every wonder how we find the cool stuff at The Picker's Palace?

Steve and I love to hunt for treasures for The Picker's Palace. Whenever possible, we love a good pick in an old barn, a remote property, or a packed house. It amazes us what we find and the people we meet. From South Phoenix to the Southern states, we've dug through the rafters and corners of some amazing buildings. One of my favorite barns was a 100 year old tobacco barn in Winchester, Kentucky. The remaining family member had donated the property to be used for a home for orphaned children and invited us to salvage what we could. The treasures filled the Picker's Palace last summer.

" I could hardly contain my enthusiasm waiting for the door to open!"

Small town auctions also provide us with some wonderful things. Because we like unique pieces, we have to get out to the remote auctions and really small towns. Once their, we meet locals and learn about all kinds of opportunities.

Of course, our vast network of friends, family, and fellow picker's drives a lot of opportunities too. We're blessed to have a lot of great people who keep us in mind when there is junk to be found. Whether its a visitor to our store who has stuff to sell or a friend of a friend of a friend, we are always grateful for the opportunity. 

Follow along later this summer as we head south and see where adventure takes us.