The Recipe Book

The Recipe BookWhen you follow our adventures picking old barns, finding small town auctions and sales, you see some incredible pieces that we haul back to our stores - big, interesting, unusual things. We find treasures for home and hearth. Sometimes, however, we find history. On our recent trip to central Ohio, I found a flat cardboard box filled with paper that captured my imagination. I couldn’t wait to drown out the entire world and go through every page. The box had a small black book on top, tied with an old frayed ribbon. Within the tattered pages were old recipes on postcards, hand written on notes, and clipped from newspapers. Mrs. Yoders cookies, Mrs. Spain's Jelly, Grandma’s favorite. Under this fascinating book where more recipes un-filed and randomly tossed among old cookbooks. Handwritten notes told which were good and which to modify or forget.

The little box held a lifetime of family memories told through a collection of recipes. Im sure every one of us has a few index cards with old family recipes. I have Nona’s Foccacia and Mom’s Rocky Road candy. Most are digital now so I can find them when I have time to cook but I will never part with index cards. If I never made those recipes again, they are still part of my family story.

It’s going to take some time to sort through the box but I’m going to put on my old vintage apron and make a few of these recipes. I always say that we love vintage because it reminds us of people we love and moments in time we love. Perhaps this is an opportunity to travel back in time and experience the simplicity of country life in a small Amish town through these intriguing old recipes.

Join me.. and I will send you a recipe to try!