Transforming the barn and become the Palace

 We have a lot of work to do to get the barn ready and The Pickers Palace open. Our barn used to be a foundry. They made big, custom, creative metal pieces that were sent all over the world. The artist died in a tragic car accident in Austin. In the last decade, the barn sat idle but you can still see so much of the history from the equipment foundations to the old rock walls and stone paths the lead out to the creek.

This week, prior to the big rain we are getting right now, I was able to finally start. I’ve organized my office and creative space which is my happy place and started the long process of cleaning up the rest. At times, the mama raccoon and her triplets keep me company, but they’re getting big now and are gone most of the time. It’s a good thing.

After the holidays, the work starts in earnest. We’ll figure out how the plan for insulation (or not), get new light bulbs installed, and start the buildout on the bathroom.