Textile stamps for decor and creating

Every now and again, Steve and I get a chance to buy entire, amazing collections of special treasures. This week, we returned from Ohio with a small collection of antique textile stamps, Some are hand carved, some are dated early 1800s. As a creative, they just captivate me. I knew these stamps existed, but I had never found one. Imagine the excitement of finding over 30.

I spent a bit of time reading about these little beauties and looking a pictures of days gone by when fabrics and even wall papers were decorated meticulously by hand. I can hardly get my entire stamp to print evenly when I play with them, so of course I was captivated with the idea what someone had to repeatedly line up the details and make each imprint perfect over the span of a fabric or paper. Imagine the skill and the time it took.

Each of these beautiful stamps have been set up to hang as they were all displayed together on a wall. It was a wonderful visual.  These beauties will be at our upcoming shows while they last and some will be in our etsy store