In my own home....

We are always asked if we use vintage in our own home. Of course! It's our passion. In late September, we finally arrived at our new home in the Texas hill country. The old house was the original barn on the property in the 1920’s. Through the years, it was transformed into a barn-dominion. Years of changes and finishing have transformed it into a wonderful, quirky, country home.

We invite you to join us as we make this house a home and fill it with our own favorite vintage treasures. We'll be shopping for a lot more too! There is a lot to do here and today, construction begins on new walls, closets, and a few other “must have fixed” things. As I write, a fence is being built in the back for the dogs, and the construction crew is unpacking in the front. This is exciting! Once it’s all done, I can finally get rid of the awful avocado green paint plaguing the living room walls. It’s just not my color. The carpet is going too…another thing I can’t live with.

As of today, day 13, I have once small space looking fabulous. This old locker is chippy and enchanting. If you look closer, you will see names written in pencil assigning lockers to John, Henry…. I love that! Since we have almost no storage in the house, cubbies like this are going to come in handy. For now, we have our winter coats and boots hanging on hooks waiting for our first cold days. After 20 years in Phoenix, we’re really looking forward to winter here. We’ll revisit that concept and you can all laugh at me then.

Let’s see what we can get done today.