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A Picker's Tale

Get ready for The Barn Sale!

I get excited and overwhelmed every time I think about getting this awesome barn ready for a big, huge sale. We have some amazing, unseen treasures hidden inside these walls - but there is a lot of work ahead while we get it all ready. Right now, it's almost impossible to walk around in there. Excited yet?With the help of Deb Cooper from Texas Dirt Road Salvage, we're going to clean up the barn an…

Find Us at Zapp Hall, Warrenton, Texas

When we came to Texas, we expected to take a while to find a path for the Pickers Palace. Texas offers so many incredible opportunities from Vintage Markets to Trade Days and of course, we have our own beautiful barn.  In an awesome twist of fate, however, we were invited to set up at Zapp Hall in Warrenton/Roundtop. We are so excited to be part of Texas Antiques Week! With only 2 weeks to ge…