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A Picker's Tale

Find Us at Zapp Hall, Warrenton, Texas

When we came to Texas, we expected to take a while to find a path for the Pickers Palace. Texas offers so many incredible opportunities from Vintage Markets to Trade Days and of course, we have our own beautiful barn.  In an awesome twist of fate, however, we were invited to set up at Zapp Hall in Warrenton/Roundtop. We are so excited to be part of Texas Antiques Week! With only 2 weeks to ge…

Textile stamps for decor and creating

Every now and again, Steve and I get a chance to buy entire, amazing collections of special treasures. This week, we returned from Ohio with a small collection of antique textile stamps, Some are hand carved, some are dated early 1800s. As a creative, they just captivate me. I knew these stamps existed, but I had never found one. Imagine the excitement of finding over 30. I spent a bit of time re…