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A Picker's Tale

Textile stamps for decor and creating

Every now and again, Steve and I get a chance to buy entire, amazing collections of special treasures. This week, we returned from Ohio with a small collection of antique textile stamps, Some are hand carved, some are dated early 1800s. As a creative, they just captivate me. I knew these stamps existed, but I had never found one. Imagine the excitement of finding over 30. I spent a bit of time re…

Using old fireplace mantles

Old fireplace mantles offer exciting home decor options. They have a wonderful romantic vibe which we love! One of our favorite peeps from Phoenix, Laura of Threesonsfarmhouse on Instagram, filled her beautiful hearth with old books. The result was a fantastic, warm space in her beautiful home! Mantles are also trending as headboards. If you search "repurpose mantle" on Pinterest, you will go craz…